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Dear leadies and gentlamen!

Allow me to quickly introduce our company's work. We have been working since 1996, so you can make use of our knowledge and experience of filter technology. We deal with air filtering, industrial dust separators, technological filtering and flue-gas cleaning.

We use our industrial experience and the research results of our German and Austrian partners.

Our company works with the best known German and Austrian companies and we distribute their products and systems, which comply with the EU’s strict regulations, in Hungary.

In the field of equipment, our company is the exclusive representative of the Austrian SCHEUCH GMBH in Hungary. Its products include industrial dust separators, air technology, technological filters and transport technology. The company’s main application areas are the following: Wood industry, casting, steel production, limestone and cement production, building materials industry, flue-gas cleaning, garbage incinerators, chemical industry, production and usage of paint, lacquer and glue.

Our most important products are: compressed air cleaning, provision of three-dimensional needle felt filter materials i.e. cartridge operated filter systems, electric filters, pre-filters, cyclones, multi-clones, heat-exchangers, radial fans, transport systems.

We produce some of the parts under license. We also deal with technological advice, problem solving, the supply of spare parts and servicing. For complete system planning and production, we cooperate with other companies. As for filters, we work with the German KAYSER. We have filters from simple two-dimensional materials to three-dimensional felt-tip, from cartridges to metal filters.

We can offer confectioned filter materials as well as simple and double-sided filter cartridges, high quality steel support baskets and other formed parts necessary for a filter-system, such as filterbag-locks, wired rings, injector nozzles, clamps, etc.

Our company is the sole representative of the German MUHLEN SOHN GMBH. Its main product is a special texture known as FLUITEX, used mainly in dry powder pneumatic transport, storage and relaxing.

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Yours faithfully
Lajos Kálmán

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