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Mühlen Sohn has been producing FLUITEX airslide fabrics for many decades. We have experience in all fields of application and have developed our fabrics to cater for all typical problems. The selection of high quality raw materials and the unique weave structure determine the outstanding characteristics of the FLUITEX fabrics, which result in the consistent, trouble-free flow of bulk materials. Experience gathered in the field and exhaustive tests in-house are used as the basis for developing new fabrics and weaving technologies. The regularity of the weaving is of critical importance.

Our quality programme and certification to DIN ISO 9001 ensure that every square metre of every fabric type produced conforms to the specified characteristics. Our product range covers airslide fabrics suitable for most current applications. We are also, however, able to weave fabrics tailored to our customers' specific demands for air permeability and mechanical strength. Our fabrics can be used at temperatures between -60°C and + 300°C and some of them are especially acid and alkali resistant. The airslide fabrics are made from PES, Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid yarns. If there are problems with static build-up, the FLUITEX range includes a special polyester fabric with antistatic fibres woven in, to bleed off the electrostatic charge.

Main criteria for the choice of fabric type

Main criteria for the choice of fabric type
Fabrics Chemica Material Temperature range Chemical resistance
Fluitex E PES -60 - 150 °C like PES fibres
Fluitex EX PES -60 - 150 °C like PES fibres
Fluitex AD Para-Aramid
-60 - 250 °C acid and alkali resistant
Fluitex AN Meta-Aramid
-60 - 250 °C especially acid and alkali resistant


Description Results Your advantage

* FLUITEX fabrics are made of fully synthetic continuous filament fibres

* no moisture absorption

* no caking

* resistent to rotting and decomposition

* no growth of bacteria or fungus

* complete unloading without residues

* consistent fluidisation over the complete surface

* The weave pattern has smooth identical pores and promotes a self-cleaning effect

* constant air permeability, no caking

* self-cleaning-effect of the pores and fabric surface

* regular even transport of powders

* trouble-free performance

* ideal mixing / fluidisation

* air permeability remains exactly the same over the whole life of the material

* High strength temperature treated fibres

* good resistance to abrasion

* low wear and therefore longer life
* low shrinkage even when used under hot and humid conditions

* The weave structure and high density of the fabrics result in a closely-woven consistent surface

* minimum elongation

* exact dimensions

* high tensile strength

* easy to clean

* excellent dimensional stability during cutting and sealing of tailor-made pieces

* tear and impact resistant even under conditions of rough usage

If damaged during processing, Fluitex E may be repaired by soldering